Amplas Parquet

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amplas parquet

Parquet (read:parket) better known as wooden floor. Generally a pattern used with geometric designs to show the structure of wood. In addition to having a unique design, the use of parquet also gives the impression of nature (back to nature) in the room. You can use parquet if you want to create ethnic house or japanese style. Ethnic house we often meet in aristrokat-style house of Java. In addition to giving the impression of natural parquet also has the advantage of absorbing the cold from the ground so it is not too cold. Generally parquet has raw materials from wood, but on the development of raw materials used not just wood but using bamboo.


In principle, parquet making consists of collecting materials, the formation of parquet design can be in the form of exclusive geometric mosaic or take wood fibers only (massive board) and finishing. One of the tools used for finishing parquet is Amplas Parquet. Product Amplas Parquet fromĀ Euro Abrasives have some grade, among others, grade 36, 80, 60, and 100. Please clay spesifikasi continued Amplas Parquet.

amplas parquet grade 36 amplas parquet grade 80